3 Ideas that might work in case your Business is Failing

Are you facing any difficulty in running your Business ?

Are you unable to convert that Awesome Idea into a Prototype ?

Are you failing to convert your WOW Prototype into a successful product / service ?

Wait !!

We all  face resistance. Be it any of the case above or

during the journey of our life or

making any decision.

Because its hard. It is hard to change something. It is also hard to build something.

I came across a number of people (Facebook / LinkedIn) who have tried these below listed modes of getting additional revenue. While it is good to execute this, it also helps you lose your focus on building something you WANT TO.

Build a PAID Facebook Closed Group

I have come across few people who charge anywhere between – 50 – 100 INR (One time) for joining a Facebook Group.

Seriously? Would you pay just for joining a group ? It cannot get bad than this. There are other numerous groups out there which he/she would be VERY happy to join.

Start a PAID Newsletter

You can be a good content writer.  You can also be a good marketer. But asking someone to pay for monthly newsletter ? Does this sound new to you. But, there are people out there who have started PAID NEWSLETTER.

Start a PAID Call AKA Consultancy call

Tired of giving those nice ideas to people asking them to startup  ?

Tired of interacting with loads and loads of people only to find that you are losing your own time ?

Start a PAID call / consultancy call. Ask people to pay you to speak some Niceeeeeeeee words.


Remember one thing. These things never work in real life. It starts as an experiment and ends as an experiment.

What works is the real business that you do. Focus on that. Leave everything else.

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