About Me


I am Ankit Sancheti. Born and Brought up in Chennai, I lived my entire academic and professional life in Chennai.

Studies – B.COM from Loyola College | PGPIBM from CBS

Companies I have worked with – Lucid | Qikwell | Practo | Ameyo

Languages I know – Hindi | Tamil | English | Spanish

Countries I have traveled – Dubai | Singapore

Companies I have consulted – MeeturNeeds | ReachCEO | Happy Investing | Splurge

I know these – Design | Digital Marketing | Gardening | Growth Hacking

Organizations I am part of – GBGChennai | Janani Foundation

Ankit Sancheti | ankitsancheti.hello@gmail.com


Getting a Co-Founder

Finding a co-founder requires many things to take into your consideration, as it is equal to finding your spouse. You must understand the seriousness before you make the decision. Although you take all the precautions, there is nothing to guarantee that your co-founder will be the right partner for you. It is only through hope …